Saturday, January 9, 2010

being Mormon is easy .... The world is hard

At school everyone knows the "Mormons" you know, cos we're different. Everybody asks the usual questions "why don't you drink tea or coffee?" "I heard you guys aren't allowed to shop on Sunday" and we get this A LOT "Is Joseph Smith your God? I heard you guys worship him...." Okay first of all... Don't listen to rumors! Because they're most likely false. Yeah, we get asked questions all the time! And it hurts. A lot of whats going on hurts... But I can tell you one thing. One thing that truly hurts. Is that they don't know the answers to these questions. Being one of the many people who are members in the world, temptation hits all the time. Like theres no tomorrow! Gordon B. Hinkley once described when being interviewed on an American show, as "being Mormon is Wonderful". And he is RIGHT. There may be lots of rules and guidelines but these aren't rocket science. Its simple things like get enough sleep, wear appropriate clothing. If you ask me.... Being Mormon is easy. The world is hard!

Peace Love, and God Bless!


  1. I totally understand what you are saying, and wrote this post in response to the same kinds of questions.

  2. Yeah. We all get it, and thats what i think

  3. Oh goodness I thank you for quoting me...very very late thank you but I just realised what you were saying...Apologies! Well done on the post, its great! You covered pretty much everything :D